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We welcome people who want to join us in our projects.

Serious investors may contact Michel Alarcon for our complete business plan and financials:


Michel Alarcon
President and Executive Director

Email: Michel.alarcon@igescanada.com

Skype: Micheljga

Phone: 1-613-217-1312


Alma CG, specialists in government grant programs for innovation funding, is handling our search for direct funding programs such as grants, loans and procurement programs that should be part of every Canadian business’ funding strategy.

Their team is helping us to define a funding strategy that maximizes the value of available funding programs.
Alma CG will:

  • Develop a comprehensive innovation funding strategy by identifying programs we are eligible for.
  • Present to us their recommendations on how to implement the strategy.
  • Deploy specialists to implement our funding strategy.
  • Monitor program changes and adjust our strategy accordingly.


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